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Runewords, as well as the runes they create when used correctly are a key component in Diablo 2: Resurrected D2R Ladder Items. Here's what you need know.Runes and runewords first appeared within Diablo 2's new expansion Lord of Destruction. While in the original Diablo 2 game you had to rely on unique items and gear, this new ranked system was able to give the game a totally new appearance. You can now find runes throughout the game which can be traded or accumulated to create powerful runewords. 

Because Diablo 2: Resurrected folds in the base game and the expansion, they will be a major factor in the online economy as well as in the power rankings of your characters. Let's see how runes function, what runes grant what powers, and how to create runewords. This guide also includes the complete list of runewords you can find within Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the seven new words introduced with Patch 2.4.

Single runes are available anywhere in Diablo 2: Resurrected, starting in Normal difficulty through to Hell difficulty. Runes can be socketed, just like gems, meaning they can be placed in socketed gear to receive their effects. However, the real power of runes occurs when you mix them in a specific order in the form of a specific item. They're called runewords are among the most useful items you can find on the table, and are right above the set items and uniques. A full list of all runewords can be found in next section.

Runes can also be used in specific Horadric Cube recipes. For instance, you could combine a Ral rune and a damaged piece equipment to fix it. This is an excellent option to do when you're in a pinch of gold and can't pay for repairs from a seller. Runes can also be combined with each other in the Horadric Cube; this is colloquially called "cubing up" and is a typical method to get to the next level rune without the need to hunt for that rune in the wild. For instance, if already have 3 El runes and are in need of an Eld rune, you can put three El runes inside the Cube and press the transmute switch. The result will be one Eld rune Buy D2R Ladder Items. This upgrade recipe is included in the rune chart below.

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