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The games can't be a mess now. Titanfall 2 isn't getting the funds it requires to fix its online gameplay on PC. Anthem was dropped in OSRS Gold the middle of the development process of its big overhaul. Fable Legends was pulled before it even had the chance to launch. The game is now either must be Fortnite or else die trying.

The enthusiasm of a developer may be completely irrelevant to publishers and vice versa. Dragon Age 4 has been cancelled twice because of higher-up interference constantly dictating the game's direction. Metal Gear players who clearly want single-player gameshave acquired the co-op game, Metal Gear Survive in the year 2018. Then we don't even be discussing all the companies Activision Blizzard wastes on constant Call of Duty development.

Thank goodness Jagex started at a moment when it could stay independent. If the player base had begun to fall off in the mid 2000s and the game's publisher was likely to have ended the whole thing. Heck, Raven Software started laying people off, while Warzone generated billions of dollars, so even a successful game could be a disaster for the human beings behind the game.

The success stories we receive are just a few exceptions to the rule sometimes. The stars had to align for Among Us to find its player base long after launch and, perhaps, the most notable prior to that - with the support of a huge publisher - was Undertale in 2017.

This is the reason why RuneScape The First 20 Years isn't just essential reading for all players of this game. It's also essential also for all those who are concerned about the direction in OSRS Gold For Sale which gaming world is headed in. It's a reminder that we must support the indie community that's constantly fighting for attention within a vast marketplace.

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