Blizzard announced that it will launch the second pre-patch for Shadowlands, which surprised players from Helodie's blog

After waiting for a whole year, players finally learned the specific release date of the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft. Players are quickly completing some of the missions they left in BfA, and are ready to let all the characters take risks in the new area, because we all know that Shadowlands will be officially released at the end of October. However, for the currently running Battle for Azeroth expansion, a lingering question is-when will the pre-patch arrive?

Initially, many players speculated that the pre-patch will be released on September 23, because this will help players get more than one month of game time before the launch of the new expanded version, and have a deeper understanding of WOW Classic Gold Shadowlands through the pre-patch content. Judging from the previous several expansion releases of World of Warcraft, things should have proceeded like this. But Blizzard's official forum happened unexpectedly this week, because the developers released important news related to the update in the forum. According to the post, it is still impossible to determine the official release date of the pre-patch, but the information that can be disclosed is that there will be two patches this time. This information makes the players feel that time has become more tense.

Blizzard's game director Ion Hazzikostas also addressed this issue in the latest development update. He said in the article that technically speaking, this week's update comes with "9.0.2.", which may have been noticed by many players. In other words, in the few weeks before the official release of the new expansion, developers will release two World of Warcraft update patches.

First of all, the previously announced 9.0.1 pre-patch will arrive as expected, and provide some new features such as role customization options and level squish. Patch 9.0.2 will be introduced to World of Warcraft sometime before the release of Shadowlands to provide players with the polished version of the level 51-60 leveling experience. This update mode can not only be adjusted by Blizzard before the official launch of Shadowlands, but also can help players quickly master the newly added character customization options and leveling experience.

In general, this new update method is very interesting and is likely to have an impact on the way World of Warcraft will launch pre-patches in the future. It makes sense for players to get the available options in the new expansion earlier, because recently players have been wanting to understand how the level squish mechanism works in the new expansion. It seems that we will get the first pre-patches next week, because there is only more than a month left before the release of Shadowlands. Blizzard hopes that players can Buy WOW Classic Gold and experience a few weeks of new content before jumping into Shadowlands, so as to better adapt to the changes that the game will take in the future. For those players who are playing World of Warcraft Classic, the support from MMOWTS is indispensable. MMOWTS has been committed to providing players with the most professional game currency services for many years, such as selling the cheapest WOW Classic Gold. Players who have purchased WOW Classic Gold in MMOWTS have a good impression of this website.

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