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EA launched a series of improvements and updates this year, mainly for the Ultimate Team mode in the Madden NFL series of games. The most noticeable change is the addition of a new concept, the so-called Ability Caps. In the following content, we use its abbreviation AC to refer to it.

EA explains the new concept like this: with the help of AC, players can customize the way they want their team to behave on the field, because AC adds a new layer to Buy MUT coins team building. The way the entire team allocates Superstar Abilities will be affected by Ability Caps. In online and e-sports events, this should be regarded as an important strategy.

With the advent of AC, players need to consume an Ability Point each time to unlock the corresponding ability, and each team will be restricted by AP in terms of offensive, defensive and special team ability allocation. So every player needs to carefully decide how to use these Ability Points. In fact, different abilities have different effects in the game, which is why the AP consumed by each ability is different.

More importantly, the same Ability can even have a different AP across different player archetypes where it makes sense. For example: For an Improvisor QB, Redzone Deadeye is 1 AP while Escape Artist is 3 AP. Additionally, Hot Route Master is 2 AP for a Field General QB but is 4 AP for a Scrambling QB. It's worth noting that the AP concept will It will not take effect for Superstar X-Factors.

From the Madden Championship Series and other similar e-sports events, we can see that the function of MUT is somewhat similar to virtual gridiron chess at the highest level. In this mode, players need to use a variety of players from different teams in order to form a team with their own style, and try to make their style overwhelm the opponent's advantage.

However, the emergence of Ability Caps makes players have to consider another aspect of the load concept, otherwise they will not get the greatest chance of winning. Before the two best players start fighting, we should see the lineups used by these two teams and the specific way they allocate AP in the pre-match settings.

In addition to the above description, each player's skills are limited in number. These restrictions are also intended to make players tend to develop strategies and win. According to the player's overall rating, each player can only be equipped with a maximum of 5 abilities.

Is one player going heavy with AP in the secondary, kick returns and run offense, or some other aspect. If all this can run smoothly, then the layer of team building may become an important part of MUT e-sports in the future. The cheapest MUT 21 Coins on the market provided by MMOSPT will also become the most popular product for players. It is worthwhile for players to buy Madden 21 Coins at https://www.mmospt.com/madden-21-coins because their funds will be secured and they can get help from customer service at any time.

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