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Legendary Cards are one of the rarest cards available and offer the highest bonuses Lost Ark Gold. Be sure to perform the most raids you possibly can.A second important aspect to remember about the card system in Lost Ark is that each card comes with the designation of an "Awakening Level" to it, which is indicated by the number of gems on the bottom part of the card.

A card starts at level zero and goes all the way to the level 5. It also unlocks additional bonus effects and set bonuses when the level is reached.To upgrade your card for the subsequent Awakening Level, you need to accomplish two things. The first is to boost the XP gauge of your card by feeding it XP cards , or duplicate cards.

Continue to do it until its XP gauge grows. Once that happens you must feed it additional duplicate cards to "Awaken" the game (push it up to the next level).The more advanced the Awakening Level the greater number of duplicate cards you'll need in order to make it to an even higher level. The duplicate cards needed by each Awakening Level are listed below.

Take note that because there are a lot of duplicate cards in order to Awaken a card, it's a good idea not to feed a duplicated or duplicated card to increase its XP gauge. Instead, it's easier to provide it with XP cards.You'll gain these XP cards just like you'll earn other cards from completing different activities in the game. However Buy Lost Ark Gold, they have the rarity system, with the more rare XP cards offering higher in XP (up 1000 to 9000).

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