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Runescape creator Jagex has put an end with Runelite HD, a fan-made HD mod to the popular online client, which is an open source project for Old School Runescape, just as the project was about to launch on Monday. The decision was made at the eleventh hour, and has left some Runescape users blaming Jagex for the decision, and claiming they'll switch onto other games.

Runelite HD creator "117" posted to Reddit Tuesday, sharing the message he received from Jagex, which was later accepted by Jagex in its blog article. Runelite HD operates as a plugin which will give an impressive visual overhaul to the core game Runescape, as can be seen on 117's Twitter. Moderator 117 also said that they've spent around 2000 hours over the last two years working on Runelite HD.

"Yesterday we spoke with the developers of well-known HD projects, and we asked that they stop developing their projects, because this is an area we are actively investigating," Jagex stated. Jagex sent 117 an email stating that it was working on an HD rendition of Old School Runescape was "still very early in the exploratory stage" however "very still in the process."

"Naturally this implies the fan-led project that is attempting to alter the way Old School RuneScape appears appears contrary to our ideas," Jagex wrote to 117. "We consider it essential that there's a consistency in the way that Old School looks and that's why we want to ensure that our changes to the official version are the only ones available.

Hope that the news about the fact that Jagex along with the Old School team are tackling this issue with determination is something that excites you, even though it does suggest that we should insist that you close down your own personal project."

117 stated that they had offered Jagex an option which was to remove their application once Jagex had released theirs and also giving Jagex "collaborative power" over Runelite HD's design style.

"They refused to participate," 117 said. "I am deeply dissatisfied and angry with Jagex, and I am very disappointed that, after this long journey and a long time, I'm unable to present this project to you with OSRS Buy Gold. The mod of 117 doesn't seem to be in conflict with Jagex's policies for third-party players, but the Runescape developer has announced that it will be making changes to the guidelines over the next week to include references to initiatives that impact the look and gameplay.

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