On the other hand there were threads you created from hgdgsvhgvuj's blog

I can remember having fun back then, and when they came out, everyone was so excited for WoTLK Gold Blood Elves and I was like, "I think the Draenei look so cool. I want to be one of those but they're on Alliance." Now I'm playing Alliance as of right now because Classic was my opportunity for resets and to say, "Let me try the alternative." I've not completed any of the quests. I'm also not aware of anything about the storyline. There's a separate chapter. This is why Classic has been my opportunity to explore the other side and view the other chapters as well as everything in a fresh way. Therefore, I'll be able to play a Draenei next time.

On the other hand there were threads you created and set up have had an important impact on the narrative that continues until today. How much of what's been written about in the WoW lore was laid out prior to that time?

John Hight: When we were doing Legion I was aware that in conversations I had with the designers, there's plenty of Illidan's tale as well as the motivations behind him and what inspired him in Burning Crusade. It's the backstory. If you're an Demon Hunter fan or an Illidan fan, it's time the chance to experience Burning Crusade because it gives players a lot of detail. I'm sure his character was certainly mapped out, as was a good portion of where we thought he'd get to. Also, with the Legion itself It was always the notion that with Sargeras along with the Legion it was necessary to revisit this. We did not want to conclude the book in a complete way. We wanted everyone to know that that was an existential threat that we'd have to address.For the future, the team has been working to improve diverse elements in the game which could be considered offensive, problematic or been deteriorating terribly. These updates range from changing the names of achievements to changing dialogue in quests, all with the goal of creating a more inclusive and welcoming game that is in response to the scandalous allegations that surfaced as part of ongoing lawsuits and investigations regarding the company's culture of work. While altering content in the game may have been once unthinkable, that is not the case anymore as Blizzard is now determined to make sure the game's entirety is reflective of its current team of developers as well as players' values. The current team's ownership of the direction of what WoW is and will be in buy WoTLK Gold 2022 is a wonderful decision, even if certain changes made to older content may be considered frivolous for long-time players.

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