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The loyal fans of World of Warcraft are digging into the game data of test realms and datamined beta to learn about what may happen next in World of Warcraft, because the release date of the Shadowlands expansion is getting closer and closer. In the new expansion, players will travel to a new real world: in the afterlife, the souls of all the dead will come here, they will be judged and then sent to a specific area. This is why Shadowlands has become one of the most ambitious expansions in the history of World of Warcraft, because it makes the WOW Classic Gold game an unprecedented step.

Many players like to look for metaphors and clues in the written logs and cutscene text of World of Warcraft, and use this information to predict the storyline, patches and even new expansions that may be added to the game in the future. But this is not simple. Players usually need to refer to specific charts to form some complete theories.

Players have realized the importance of charts during the expansion of Legion and Battle for Azeroth, and this situation has become more apparent with the release of the Shadowlands beta. Many creators have uploaded videos in the official World of Warcraft community with videos such as "The Truth Behind The Shadowlands CREATION How Life And Order BETRAYED the Cosmos" and "THIS IS INSANE-The Evil Behind EVERYTHING In Warcraft Is?" title.

Blizzard released a book called World of Warcraft: Chronicles five years ago. Through this book, players can learn about the overall history of World of Warcraft, including its origin story and ancient history. A picture in the book that introduced the relationship between all factions in World of Warcraft became the most discussed content among players. Every theoretical creator of World of Warcraft used this picture to support their predictions and opinions.

The problem is, if you lack the basic knowledge of World of Warcraft, then this picture will make you very confused. Fortunately, you have more than a month to learn this knowledge before the official launch of the Shadowlands expansion. Not only that, if you are also a World of Warcraft Classic player, you can also visit the official website of MMOWTS to learn more important information and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold. Every player needs to understand the importance of WOW Classic Gold in the game. You can buy any gears or items you need in the auction house after purchasing WOW Classic Gold at https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold

You can look at the simple explanation of this picture. In the middle of this map, we can see "reality," next to a little picture of the planet of Azeroth. Your average peasant has no idea that anything beyond this exists, and even for players our adventures have largely taken place here, with brief trips to the Emerald Dream. The Shadowlands and Emerald Dream are planes of existence that exist a layer beyond reality. The Emerald Dream is an alpha blueprint of sorts, a version of our world that has never been touched by people. Druids hang out in the Emerald Dream all the time. At the same time, the Shadowlands is where souls go when they die. Every single version of heaven and hell are compressed into this little section of the astral map.

After waiting for a whole year, players finally learned the specific release date of the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft. Players are quickly completing some of the missions they left in BfA, and are ready to let all the characters take risks in the new area, because we all know that Shadowlands will be officially released at the end of October. However, for the currently running Battle for Azeroth expansion, a lingering question is-when will the pre-patch arrive?

Initially, many players speculated that the pre-patch will be released on September 23, because this will help players get more than one month of game time before the launch of the new expanded version, and have a deeper understanding of WOW Classic Gold Shadowlands through the pre-patch content. Judging from the previous several expansion releases of World of Warcraft, things should have proceeded like this. But Blizzard's official forum happened unexpectedly this week, because the developers released important news related to the update in the forum. According to the post, it is still impossible to determine the official release date of the pre-patch, but the information that can be disclosed is that there will be two patches this time. This information makes the players feel that time has become more tense.

Blizzard's game director Ion Hazzikostas also addressed this issue in the latest development update. He said in the article that technically speaking, this week's update comes with "9.0.2.", which may have been noticed by many players. In other words, in the few weeks before the official release of the new expansion, developers will release two World of Warcraft update patches.

First of all, the previously announced 9.0.1 pre-patch will arrive as expected, and provide some new features such as role customization options and level squish. Patch 9.0.2 will be introduced to World of Warcraft sometime before the release of Shadowlands to provide players with the polished version of the level 51-60 leveling experience. This update mode can not only be adjusted by Blizzard before the official launch of Shadowlands, but also can help players quickly master the newly added character customization options and leveling experience.

In general, this new update method is very interesting and is likely to have an impact on the way World of Warcraft will launch pre-patches in the future. It makes sense for players to get the available options in the new expansion earlier, because recently players have been wanting to understand how the level squish mechanism works in the new expansion. It seems that we will get the first pre-patches next week, because there is only more than a month left before the release of Shadowlands. Blizzard hopes that players can Buy WOW Classic Gold and experience a few weeks of new content before jumping into Shadowlands, so as to better adapt to the changes that the game will take in the future. For those players who are playing World of Warcraft Classic, the support from MMOWTS is indispensable. MMOWTS has been committed to providing players with the most professional game currency services for many years, such as selling the cheapest WOW Classic Gold. Players who have purchased WOW Classic Gold in MMOWTS have a good impression of this website.

The most popular space exploration MMORPG EVE Online released an update patch today. Publisher CCP Games said that after the update is completed, Triglavian's invasion of the galaxy from last year may be terminated because the player's behavior will have a huge impact on the results.

If you think that the Triglavians is more in line with your image of an outstanding overlord, then you can choose to join the Triglavian camp and reach out to them at any time. Of course, you can also choose to stop these intrusions, for this you need to get out of the busy mining and corporate intrigue work and help those who have the same goals as you.

This update is named Zenith, this EVE Echoes ISK patch is the third "Quadrant" in the series and many changes and improvements have been made to EVE Online. More content worthy of players' expectations will be introduced into the game after this update, such as game balance adjustments and visual effects updates, as well as exciting live events hitting the galaxy.

The first thing to be changed is the PvP content in the game. Now players have the opportunity to obtain Proving Filaments, and can use this item to go to Abyssal Proving Ground from anywhere in the universe. In this special battlefield, players need to cooperate with others to defeat it.

After the update is complete, the mode of PvP clashes will be completely changed. Now, the invasion war is a time-limited event. Players can only go to the new space environment to fight the invaders within a specific time. Not only that, the player’s ship type and fleet size will also be limited accordingly, starting with 1v1 scraps and going up to 5v5, as well as free-for-alls with five ships.

In fact, the game's developer has already published an article on Abyssal Proving Grounds in his blog last month, so you can learn more about this mode in the article, such as activity time and environment type. We very much hope to continue to experience these exciting PvP events in Quadrant 4. The mobile version of EVE Online was officially released in the middle of last month, called EVE: Echoes. The emergence of this game means that players can get a game experience very similar to the PC version on their mobile phones. Of course, if you have more EVE Echoes ISK, you can also get a better quality of life in the game. This means you need the help of MMOWTS. As a professional game service store, https://www.mmowts.com/eve-echoes-isk will start to provide players with cheap EVE Echoes ISK immediately after the game is released, so that players can get the best quality products and the fastest delivery speed in a safe environment.

High elves have a very long history in World of Warcraft. They usually have fair skin and blue eyes. As described in Tolkien's novels, high elves are usually born archers and mages. Blizzard first introduced the Elf race in Warcraft 2, and its hero unit is the famous Alleria Windrunner. For the old players of World of Warcraft, the high elves have always been the iconic race of the alliance, just like the status of the orc race in the Horde.

The high elves were genocated in Warcraft 3. The culprit of this action was Arthas, one of the biggest villains in the game. His goal was to become the Lich King. In World of Warcraft, a small number of survivors choose to launch Alliance and join the Horde, and they call themselves blood elves. They became neighbors with Forsaken in the Horde and became more and more evil. They would madly kill the soldiers of the alliance.

After that, the blood elves began to make WOW Classic Gold Paladins, the main method was to dissipate the power of demigods, for which they kidnapped a large number of demigods. Not only that, they are also obsessed with studying evil magic. When opponents protested on the streets of Silvermoon, they even brainwashed these people publicly.

Compared with blood elves, the high elves that struggle to survive in the alliance lack sufficient power. They can't even become an optional race for players, because the number is too small. The cause of all this is World of Warcraft 3, Arthas wiped out the vast majority of high elves, and the Horde absorbed the survivors and made them evil.

Despite facing major controversy, Blizzard still chose to withdraw Silvermoon from the alliance, and the Horde became more and more popular after that. Because for those players who pay attention to the appearance of characters, blood elves are the best choice. And those guilds vying for the number one in the world usually choose Hordes first, because blood elves have very useful racial abilities.

After the Sunwell raid ended, the blood elves once declared that they were good people and got rid of those evil behaviors. In the Vanilla WOW Gold expansion of Mists of Pandaria, they even joined the alliance over a period of time through negotiations. But Blizzard remained clear: There would never be High Elves on the Alliance.

With the introduction of Void Elves by Blizzard in World of Warcraft, everything is moving towards a worsening situation. In World of Warcraft Classic, this problem does not occur, which is why many players choose to abandon the retail World of Warcraft and join WoW Classic. The slogan of MMOWTS is to make everything simple in the game, and the simple way to achieve this goal is to provide players with high-quality game services, such as cheaper WOW Classic Gold. Players who have purchased WOW Classic Gold in MMOWTS highly recognize their professional team and customer service.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the release of EVE Echoes many times, we finally ushered in this highly anticipated mobile game. After August 13th, players can download and experience this game in the Google Play store. There is no doubt that EVE Echoes was developed as a mobile version of the mainline sandbox MMO. It is worth mentioning that the file capacity of the game is large, so you can download and install the game one day in advance. Although you cannot enter EVE Echoes immediately, when the server is officially opened at 4:00 AM EST, you can start the game earlier than other players.

We can see a lot of information from the trailer. For example, EVE Echoes provides a very ideal gaming experience. The overall feel is roughly the same EVE Echoes ISK as the PC version of EVE Online. Of course, players need to use touch-based menus and play on mobile devices. Like the mainline game, players can experience in sci-fi sandbox or immersive gameplay. There will be more than 8,000 Star Systems in the game for players to explore. Players can also choose their own ways of making money, such as fighting, exploring resources, or developing industries and trading with other players. Learning to earn ISK in the game is very important, because you need them when buying new equipment and ships.

As all players expected, EVE Echoes is a free-to-play game, so it offers in-app purchases, and some special items are priced as high as US$184.99. Of course, since the game has just been released, the exact purpose of these items is not well understood. But as more and more players enter the game, we must be able to figure out the data of these items and publish relevant guidelines.

If you really want to experience EVE Echoes, it is highly recommended that you download the game installation file immediately, because the capacity of this game reaches 2.21GB. Compared with most popular mobile games, this is very surprising. The installation method is very simple. Players can find this game in the Play Store and get the install of EVE Echoes from the widget at the bottom of the page.

After the server was officially launched, I immediately entered the game as promised before and skipped the mandatory tutorial because I wanted to quickly browse the in-app purchases in the game. Like the leaked screenshots of the game, there are special items up to US$184.99 in the game. Players can purchase these items to obtain special game currency, so as to purchase any items directly in the store. In general, this means that the game is pay-to-win, because paying players can get greater advantages, such as buying powerful spaceships directly at the beginning of the game. This not only saves them a lot of time for struggle, but also can easily win in battle. But in fact, this does not prevent experienced players from bullying newbies, because even if you want to spend money in the game, you need to figure out in advance how to use these devices acquired through in-app purchases. Buying EVE Echoes ISK is a good choice. As the universal currency in EVE Echoes, EVE Echoes ISK is also suitable for many occasions and can be used to purchase most items in the game. MMOWTS.com is a professional ISK supplier. Any player can get the EVE Echoes ISK they want at MMOWTS.

EVE Online, the most famous game scene in the universe, recently released a major news. The game's developer CCP Games announced that players can now download the iOS and Android versions of EVE Echoes from the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. The mobile game is a mobile derivative of EVE Online. The story also takes place in the vast universe. in.

As developers expand the PC-based EVE series to iOS and Android, players who like to Buy EVE Echoes ISK play games on their phones are excited. Many game media regard the game as the next generation of mobile games, because we can see that the developers are equally ambitious in the EVE Echoes project, trying to push the game to break the performance limit of the mobile platform.

If you have paid attention to the news in this area before, then you should be very clear that there are many derivative games based on the EVE Online universe. For example, for the recently cancelled shooting game called Project Nova, CCP Games stated that it will directly transfer some of the effective results of the project to another FPS game that is under development. In addition, well-known developer Kongregate also announced that EVE: War of Ascension will be released in the next few months, which is said to be a strategy game.

CCP Games has confirmed that players can now enjoy EVE Echoes on mobile devices. CCP Games and NetEase Games have developed this derivative product for all players to download on the App Store and Google Play. Judging from the experience of playing EVE Online in the past, this mobile game will also be a sandbox MMO. How players advance in the universe is completely dependent on each choice they make. Players can also mine asteroids or interact with other players, such as fighting or trading resources. In addition, EVE Echoes also added a new NPC faction called Yan-Jung, and CCP Games and Netease Games promised to regularly update the game and release patches, so as to provide players with more options for ships and mechanics. . More importantly, the free spin-off game will overlap with the EVE mainline series, providing players with extra surprises.

The developer CCP Games originally planned to release the game in 2019, but it was delayed due to many unexpected circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the game's development work is in charge of China-based NetEase. Due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the development work was forced to be postponed, resulting in the inability to complete EVE Echoes in time. In fact, the entire gaming industry is in an emergency situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the release dates of almost all well-known games have been temporarily changed.

Although the EVE Online series has a loyal following, this game is not as popular as it was at the beginning. This is why developers want to take full advantage of the already perfect in-game world and choose to expand the user base of the game on the mobile platform. Loyal fans are very happy to see that the game that has been postponed many times but finally successfully released has a crossover function. For those old players, this is one of the motivations for them to play EVE Echoes on their mobile phones. The other good news is that MMOWTS.com will provide strong support for loyal players of the game, such as selling EVE Echoes ISK at a cheap price to help players save money.

EA launched a series of improvements and updates this year, mainly for the Ultimate Team mode in the Madden NFL series of games. The most noticeable change is the addition of a new concept, the so-called Ability Caps. In the following content, we use its abbreviation AC to refer to it.

EA explains the new concept like this: with the help of AC, players can customize the way they want their team to behave on the field, because AC adds a new layer to Buy MUT coins team building. The way the entire team allocates Superstar Abilities will be affected by Ability Caps. In online and e-sports events, this should be regarded as an important strategy.

With the advent of AC, players need to consume an Ability Point each time to unlock the corresponding ability, and each team will be restricted by AP in terms of offensive, defensive and special team ability allocation. So every player needs to carefully decide how to use these Ability Points. In fact, different abilities have different effects in the game, which is why the AP consumed by each ability is different.

More importantly, the same Ability can even have a different AP across different player archetypes where it makes sense. For example: For an Improvisor QB, Redzone Deadeye is 1 AP while Escape Artist is 3 AP. Additionally, Hot Route Master is 2 AP for a Field General QB but is 4 AP for a Scrambling QB. It's worth noting that the AP concept will It will not take effect for Superstar X-Factors.

From the Madden Championship Series and other similar e-sports events, we can see that the function of MUT is somewhat similar to virtual gridiron chess at the highest level. In this mode, players need to use a variety of players from different teams in order to form a team with their own style, and try to make their style overwhelm the opponent's advantage.

However, the emergence of Ability Caps makes players have to consider another aspect of the load concept, otherwise they will not get the greatest chance of winning. Before the two best players start fighting, we should see the lineups used by these two teams and the specific way they allocate AP in the pre-match settings.

In addition to the above description, each player's skills are limited in number. These restrictions are also intended to make players tend to develop strategies and win. According to the player's overall rating, each player can only be equipped with a maximum of 5 abilities.

Is one player going heavy with AP in the secondary, kick returns and run offense, or some other aspect. If all this can run smoothly, then the layer of team building may become an important part of MUT e-sports in the future. The cheapest MUT 21 Coins on the market provided by MMOSPT will also become the most popular product for players. It is worthwhile for players to buy Madden 21 Coins at https://www.mmospt.com/madden-21-coins because their funds will be secured and they can get help from customer service at any time.

The Yard is a brand new model of Madden NFL 21. As a football product, it embodies the arcade style. Players can enjoy a less serious game in it, and can perform some football skills that cannot be used on the official field.

EA Sports recently began to frequently publish some information related to The Yard mode through social media, and announced that 6v6 games will be available for players in specific areas. One of them is located in the parking lot of Lambeau Field, while the other F.O.B. Nico is located on the military base. Another area is located in the shipping center by the MUT 21 Coins sea, which is a port. Only the United States has always been the most popular for football, but with the announcement of The Yard's Brandenburg field in Germany, the NFL has gradually demonstrated its ambition to expand its influence to the international market.

The unprecedented new stunt play animation in Madden will be one of the main features of The Yard. Simply put, you need to generate a custom avatar to start a career of your own. In this process, you need to keep collecting Rep to improve the rank. Players can also unlock unique equipment through Cred, including jerseys ranging in quality from ordinary to legendary.

In addition, The Yard: Underground on your mobile phone can also be connected to The Yard in Madden 21 to share inventory and career progress between the two. In other words, you can continue to collect Rep and Cred on your phone, even if you don't have a game console or computer by your side.

Since now is a very suitable time, EA has introduced this more casual arcade style mode for Madden 21. Starting next year, 2K Sports as their competitor will also begin to develop arcade-style football games, although EA Sports will still be the exclusive developer of simulation-style football games.

If you want to learn more about The Yard mode, please visit MMOSPT and view the Madden 21 guide. Some players in need can also Buy Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT to ensure the safety of funds and accounts and maximize savings money. In addition, on August 28 this year, we will be able to start playing Madden 21 on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. What follows will be the Xbox Series X, PS5 and Stadia versions of the game.

When NBA 2K21 officially announced the cover star, I have been looking forward to the game to show the outstanding level of these athletes through visual means. Especially this year’s game will transition from current hardware to next-generation hardware, because we have a great chance to get the official release of PS5 and Xbox Series X before the end of 2020. For these next-generation games, large-scale graphics updates are a matter of course. But the strange thing is that we saw from the 2K Twitter that the rendering of the late Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant in the game seemed cheap and outdated.

2K posted a poorly rendered Kobe image as an advertisement on its official Twitter and announced that it will officially release the current version of NBA 2K21 on August 24. If you are very familiar with Kobe's experience in the NBA, you will Buy MT 2K21 and find that this day has an important relationship with Kobe, because Kobe has worn the No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys in his career. In terms of the release date, 2K did a perfect job, fully achieving the goal of commemorating Kobe. But the main problem is that the most important renderings in the game seem to have not been upgraded due to lack of time.

I totally agree with 2K's move to design the Mamba Forever Edition to commemorate Kobe Bryant. In fact, Kobe's Widow Vanessa Bryant also agrees with this. But the problem I care about is that the rendering quality is really poor.

The rendering of Kobe in the game should be correct under any circumstances. Not only that, you could also make the argument that his should have received the most attention. It is generally believed that fans and game media will criticize developers for their ignorance, while for developers, these critics know nothing about the process and therefore will not respond.

I have very limited understanding of the 2K development process, but one thing I know is that the former modder, Rytis Gineika aka R4zor was hired by 2K last year, and his main job is to upgrade several classic and legendary players. He once provided a bearded Kobe Bryant rendering model in NBA 2K20, but even the same rendering effect without a beard is much better than the 2K21 effect picture provided by 2K on Twitter.

Considering that the "Frobe" rendering mode is already very stable in the 2K series of games, the team's art group will basically not make more additional modifications on the final version of the game, but there should be more acceptable options.

I very much hope that NBA 2K21 can provide fans with stunning NBA 2K21 MT visual effects on PS5 and Xbox Series X. It is also worth mentioning that MMOSPT will also provide a wealth of products for players who support NBA 2K21. When the game is officially released, any player can buy cheap and safe NBA 2K21 MT from MMOSPT and enjoy high-quality customer service.

For a long time, the developers of the Madden NFL series of games have not indicated their long-term and short-term goals in improving franchise mode. As a result, many players lose confidence in the unreleased Madden NFL 21 - from the leaked news about Madden 21, the game still cannot provide players with the perfect franchise mode they most anticipate.

The game developer EA Sports published published an article on the official website last week and introduced their detailed plan to improve franchise mode. The main purpose is to increase the trust and support of loyal fans in the new games of the Madden NFL series. In fact, the reason why Madden NFL series games can become the best NFL simulation games is precisely because each new game in the series will fix the inherent Madden 21 Coins problems in the game and continuously introduce interesting new features. In general, although there are still some problems in the game that have plagued players for many years that have not been resolved, the future progress of the game is very worthy of the players' expectations. By constantly supplementing the flawed areas in the game, EA's developers and game designers are leading the game in the right direction.

Players have a great chance to get an improved franchise mode in Madden 21. Of course, it is less than a month before the game is officially released, and there are so many repairs involved, so it is basically impossible for us to get the long-awaited gaming experience right after the game is released. According to speculation, EA will provide all players with a major update patch for a period of time after the game is officially released. This patch is likely to become the largest update patch in the Madden 21 series until Madden 22 brings us even greater surprises.

If you still don't understand the specific work done by EA in improving franchise mode, then you should read this article carefully. This article will cover key areas in the two games, which will increase players' expectations for Madden 21 to a certain extent.

Superstar and X-Factor Abilities

Based on the knowledge given within the update, it'd appear like franchise mode fans will have the flexibility to assign Superstar and X-Factor abilities on the rosters they're using in their personal experience.

This is NOT CONFIRMED, but supported this quote: "Introduce the flexibility to customize X-Factor and talents on all players, allowing you to customize your roster as you see fit."

This looks like the sole thanks to interpret the direction on this aspect of the sport. For roster makers, this can be huge. In Madden 20, if you were trying to make a roster or customize a draft class, it might best to easily close up X-Factor and Superstar abilities. Having the power to "customize the roster as I see fit" disclose loads of possibilities.

Career stat tracking improvements

Another important aspect mentioned by EA in this article is the improvement of the user interface and career stat tracking. For example, the number used by each player in different teams will be added to the player's statistics. This looks very good, but Madden 21 should have done better in this regard. If the game eventually tabulate sacks appropriately, it will be the perfect solution to the remaining problems in this franchise mode. From any perspective, this is a very easy problem to solve. With the continuous advancement of technology and game console hardware, we have reason to require game developers to keep this statistical data for each player.

It is worth mentioning that we still cannot be sure that EA will 100% apply this improvement to the official release version of the game, but we can keep looking forward to it. Because we can communicate with EA developers through the Madden NFL game community at any time. Not only that, if the final product provided by EA disappoints the player, the player can also oppose it reasonably and provide constructive opinions so that the developer can modify the game to the player most desired in the future. In addition to the above content, I have another exciting news to share with you. Recently, I discovered a professional third-party game service website MMOSPT, and found the Madden 21 Coins sales page in it. The customer service of the website stated that when Madden 21 is officially released, their professional team will enter the game as soon as possible and begin to provide players with manually obtained MUT coins. They promise that all products will be the cheapest on the market, which means you can spend less money to accomplish your goals in Madden 21!

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