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When it comes to one of Blizzard's most successful moves in a year, there is no doubt that World of Warcraft Classic was released in late August last year. Judging from the population growth rate of subscribers, WoW Classic is more popular with players than the retail version of World of Warcraft. Blizzard had to open more backup servers to avoid crowding. But even the most loyal World of Warcraft fans have to admit that as a MMORPG with a long history, World of Warcraft Classic still has many problems. Recently, Blizzard's development team is committed to improving the quality of life of players, and some players' complaints have been resolved.

The first issue is related to the role transfer, because some servers with a small population are more suitable for leveling, and the price is lower. Many players choose to upgrade the role to 60 in these servers and use the role transfer function to join the WOW Classic Gold server they really want to go. . In order to solve the problem of population loss caused by this behavior, Blizzard has restricted the role transfer function of some servers, and now the role transfer function of most new servers will be prohibited.

In fact, in addition to dealing with issues that affect the server population, Blizzard has also added some new improvements to the game to further improve the quality of life of players, especially on servers with a higher population.

The first of those is concentrated on the PvP Battleground, Warsong Gulch. Blizzard discussed their effort to mend some issues that players are exploiting on the map.

"We've identified variety of locations int he battleground where clever players have found ways to induce to an area they were never intended to travel," Blizzard states. "These exploits are decidedly unfair, so we're putting a stop to them."

In fixing the problem, Blizzard added some invisible gates that block the unintended paths. In cases where this wasn't possible, the out-of-bounds location is solely a fatal location to inhabit.

In terms of the black lotus spawn, Blizzard is making some massive changes to the rarest, most asked for herb within the game. While the spawn rate remains as low because it was in Vanilla, the increased population and other "social factors" of the sport makes it far more scarce thanks to players jumping on that as fast as possible.

The original spawn rate was based around a technical limitation that made it so only ten locations per node type might be active within the same zone simultaneously. Now that technology has improved, that limitation is removed, though the developers are still hesitant to create changes far from the initial WoW.

In the past World of Warcraft, if players did not master max herbalism, they could not even find the black lotus on the screen or on the mini map. After the update is complete, this situation will be changed. In order to enable those players who do not pay attention to professional skills to produce potions that can be used by themselves, Blizzard has increased the output rate of Black Lotus and lifted the spawning point restrictions in each area.

There is another unremarkable change, but it improves the player's quality of life. Now, when players are using the mail function, they will not receive transaction requests from other players. The main purpose of this modification is to prevent some rogues from using this feature to assassinate players. As important as quality of life is WOW Classic Gold, as the only currency in the game, players need to spend WOW Classic Gold when buying any items. However, for most players, collecting WOW Classic Gold is a very laborious matter. If you are still worried about the lack of sufficient gold, please visit the World of Warcraft Classic page of MMOWTS, where you can buy the WOW Classic Gold you need. As important as quality of life is WOW Classic Gold, as the only currency in the game, players need to spend WOW Classic Gold For Sale when buying any items. However, for most players, collecting WOW Classic Gold is a very laborious matter. If you are still worried about the lack of sufficient gold, please visit the World of Warcraft Classic page of MMOWTS, where you can buy the WOW Classic Gold you need.

If you are one of the first players to join RuneScape, you will not forget one of the classic modes in the game-Deadman Mode. Although players in this mode face more difficulties than the standard mode, there are still many players who are keen to challenge the limit to choose to take risks in this dangerous mode, and those players who finally survive receive incredible rewards. However, Deadman Mode is open for a limited time, many OSRS Gold for Sale players may have heard of it, but never really experienced it. Recently, in order to contribute to the PlayApartTogether sport, developer Jagex launched a Deadman Mode-themed tournament in Old School RuneScape, which will last for a month. According to the final result of the competition, Jagex will provide players with various rich rewards and donations to charities.

If you haven't created a character in Deadman mode, then you'd better collect relevant information and prepare before the official start of the tournament. Because it is not easy to take risks in this mode, the dangers you face not only come from monsters, but also other players. The most important thing is that once your character dies in Deadman mode, everything you gain will directly disappear, which makes the game full of competition and tension.

For more information within the game, you can talk to Nigel in Lumbridge. Every player starts at combat level three, and XP gained in Deadman Mode is five times the traditional amount and you'll be able to win a range of prizes! Progress in the other Runescape game, including old style, won't be affected. Upon killing a player, you'll receive Blood Money which might be accustomed purchase Deadman Mode armor.

The top 2,000 players of Deadman Mode tournament will compete during a live finale on May 30th. These players are whittled right down to around 250 contestants, and therefore the game will play on until there are a final two. From there, it'll be one versus one to say the winner of Deadman Mode. As you'll be able to imagine, Deadman Mode is extremely anticipated by the old style Runescape community, and it grows very competitive very quickly.

Jagex is planning on donating $25,000 to its partner charities in alignment with the Deadman Mode tournament. These charities include: CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust, and Rise Above The Disorder. Similarly, winners will get several different styles of prizes at the top of the tournament.

So, what are you able to win from competing within the Deadman Mode tournament? If you place first through sixth you get a 1 year old style Runescape membership; however, the primary through fourth placements will get some extra prizes.

Overall, participating in the competition not only makes it possible for you to Buy OSRS Gold win more amazing awards, but also contributes to charity with developer Jagex! Nothing can be refused by any player. If you do not have an account for Old School RuneScape, you can install the mobile version of the game on your phone to register and experience the game. This RuneScape Deadman Mode will last a full month, this will be a pleasant adventure! Not only that, one of the most professional third-party game service websites will also help you. GoldRS is committed to providing safe and cheap OSRS Gold for RuneScape players. If you register as a website member, you can enjoy more discounts. If you want to save money and experience the fun of Old School RuneScape, GoldRS will be your best choice.

Blizzard opened the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Alpha test server to players not long ago, so that players can experience the new features that will be introduced into the game and feedback the game errors before the official release of the new expansion. When most players reached the full level in the game, they were immediately attracted to Torghast. This is one of the most important new features in Shadowlands development, similar to the Mage Tower that players have seen before. Torghast is a tower with infinite possibilities. Players will encounter different challenges on each floor and can collect unique life energy to strengthen themselves, thus facing more terrifying enemies. Simply put, as long as the player is willing and strong enough, he can stay in Torghast to collect rewards.

This new feature is really exciting at the beginning, but as players continue to explore in the Alpha test, more players are pessimistic about Torghast's future. The main reason they will have this idea is that Torghast reminds them of some of the problems that World of Warcraft has shown in the past few expansions, such as Legion and Battle for Azeroth. The Artifact and Heart of Azeroth systems do provide players with great help, but players need to invest too much time in these systems, which makes many players feel tired.

Instead of infinite grinding, Torghast offers Legendary materials on completion — seemingly capped each week, so hardcore players don't have to Buy WOW Classic Gold burn themselves out. Players can use these materials to craft their own Legendary items. While we don't have any samples of Legendaries in Shadowlands yet, Legion offered powerful tools like Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish, which allowed players to launch a robust meteor at enemies every minute and 15 seconds.

But while everyone will want to choose up a Legendary, multiple Legendaries are optional.

Kubit told us players who love Torghast can go into each week and collect the utmost number of Legendary materials, with the goal of making every Legendary for each situation. But at the launch, players can only equip one Legendary at a time. Players less fascinated by the mode can go into, get their one Legendary, and be functional in endgame activities.

This "breadth game," as Kubit calls it, should give devoted players a reason to stay playing, while letting uninterested players jump to a distinct mode.

For Kubit and the development team, the real difficulty is how to meet the needs of both casual players and hardcore players. Although most players will feel satisfied after only obtaining a legendary item, there will always be some people who want to challenge their limits. Their ultimate goal is to complete all the challenges in Torghast. In order to provide these players with sufficient motivation, game designers are considering adding some features to Shadowlands so that they can display the number of floors they have completed and their performance in the new mode. Not only that, you can also look forward to the Torghast leaderboard that may be introduced into the game in the future. Importantly, enough WOW Classic Gold can solve the dilemma you currently encounter in the game. As long as you use WOW Classic Gold to buy better equipment in the auction house, you will have an advantage in the battle. MMOWTS is currently providing players with an inventory of WOW Classic Gold.

Generally speaking, the network traffic related to a topic can reflect many problems, and its growth and decline reflect the degree of people's attention to the topic. Prior to this, a POE class selection guide I wrote attracted many readers, which can be inferred that many new players have recently joined the game, because they lack enough understanding of the content of the game, so they need to be online Search for useful guides.

Therefore, for Grinding Gear Games, a game developer from New Zealand, the release of Path of Exile on consoles is bound to be a success. Since its launch on the PC platform in 2013, POE has quickly attracted a large number of users, becoming one of the most successful ARPGs in history. In the following years, many players in the gaming community reported that they wanted to Buy POE Items play Path of Exile on Xbox One and PS4. Although their dreams were not realized immediately, they made the game gain enough attention. This is why the traffic surged when POE officially released the Xbox One version and PS4 version, because players have been looking forward to this day. Of course, developers do not simply copy the content of the PC client to the host. They have improved various functions and systems in the game so that they can adapt to the gamepad. In addition, players have obtained a more balanced spell system. And melee system.

Changes to the spell system were largely confined to tinkering with the mathematics to permit for more varied approaches to magic-based combat. Melee will get the identical treatment, but Grinding Gear has rather more in mind.

For starters, there's concern that melee can feel slow and loose within the early stages of the sport when high-speed attack buffs aren't yet available. Grinding Gear is functioning on modifying attack animations to relinquish lower-level melee a tighter more impactful feel. How melee “feels” could be a vague concept that's hard to quantify, but it's a major factor contributing to player enjoyment in games like Path of Exile. The link between animation and “feel” is interesting.

The melee update doesn't end with math and animation changes. Grinding Gear reports that it's also experimenting with changes to “accuracy, melee splash, leech, fortify, various Ascendancy classes, the passive tree, hit/miss feedback, melee base types, movement skills and melee damage availability on items.”This sounds more sort of a complete overhaul and a rebalance.

Ordinary players usually hate those game functions and systems that have become accustomed to be changed, because they will find that the commonly used offensive methods cannot achieve the expected results, and in the absence of guidelines, it is difficult for them to adapt to the new version of the game and find more Good builds. This is one of the main issues that developers need to consider when adding new content. They need to ensure that the newly added endgame contents can have a good synergy with the existing content in the game. For those who are keen to study the game, finding new ways to further improve the efficiency of cleaning up monsters is a rewarding process, and they enjoy it. In the next update of the POE that will arrive in June, we will understand the satisfaction of players with the game. In fact, as one of the professional third-party game service providers, MMOAH has been concerned about Path of Exile related news. Not only can you see various news but also guides related to POE on the official website of https://www.mmoah.com/poe-currency, you can also buy POE Currency and POE Items there. Their POE Orbs are safe and cheap. POE's new challenge league will come in June, you can follow MMOAH.

As a game developed by Grinding Gear Games, a small studio from New Zealand, Path of Exile has had an unexpected success since its release. Recently, Path of Exile's official website announced news related to the next new expansion, such as a new challenge league and tower defense system, players can earn unique POE Currency and POE Items in the new content. There is no doubt that this is exciting news for those old players, but it is also the best opportunity for new players to join the adventure and gradually become stronger. Because every time a new challenge league is added to Path of Exile, all players need to re-create the character and start the adventure from level 1. This game is so good that I can spend a day explaining the details and advantages of this game. Due to the limited time, here I simply give three reasons why you should join Path of Exile.

It's a Free-to-play ARPG

Who doesn't like free games? Even better, who doesn't like free games that are really good? While Path of Exile offers some optional microtransactions (they should make money a technique or the opposite after all), the sport is unengaged to download and play! Sure, it got off to a rough start when Grinding Gear Games first launched it, but with a lot of tweaks, expansions and feedback from players, the sport has drastically improved and now holds the torch because the best ARPG thus far. It's set the quality that each other game of the identical genre should follow!

Tons of Content for Users

If there's one thing that Path of Exile is known for, it's the vast amount of content it's available. The sport has been out for seven years now, which suggests that it's packed filled with great content. Although Grinding Gear Games incorporates a reputation of sometimes rushing content (the Betrayal League may be a great example of that) stuffed with glaring errors, the actual fact of the matter is you'll be spoiled with most stuff to try to. Most of their POE Orbs expansions are top-notch, and you'll easily sink your teeth into the endgame content for hours.

Perfect After-sale Support

Grinding Gear Games, the sport developer behind PoE, is devoted to constantly improving their game. They're always pushing for updates, from minor patches each month to big ones called Leagues. These Leagues offer current ways to play the sport, new loot to find, and new skins to gather. If that's not enough to entice you into trying out Path of Exile, these Leagues come every 3-4 months! Grinding Gear Games seems to need to make sure that their beloved game lasts forever, so that they consistently find unique ways to innovate upon what's already there. There's always something to seem forward to!

After reading the above, have you been eager to start exploring dungeons and challenge powerful bosses? If you had planned to quit the game because of the visual effects and style of the game before, then your point of view must have changed now. In fact, as a professional third-party game service provider, MMOAH will provide you with great help during your journey. In order to complete your powerful POE builds, you need to consume a lot of Path of Exile Currency and POE Items, and you also need to be lucky enough to get the armor and weapons that suit you. But in MMOAH, these things are very cheap, you can get any POE Items and POE Orbs you need for only a small amount of money. Not only that, they also have online customer service to solve your order problems. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and visit the official website of MMOAH and buy the POE Currency and POE Items you need!

Whenever we mention Path of Exile, we first think of its complexity and customization. In fact, it is these characteristics that distinguish the game from the Diablo series that players are familiar with and become one of the most popular ARPGs in the world. The game is so successful thanks to the passive skill tree and skill gem system introduced by developers and designers.

Any beginner who has recently joined POE will be shocked when he sees a complex and huge skill tree. Although the system accurately explains the functions of these passive skills, the question is how to choose the most useful passive skills among the most useful ones. Players will get passive skill points for each upgrade in the game, and they can use these POE Currency points to unlock nodes in the passive skill tree. Most of these nodes are secondary nodes, and their main role is to further enhance your offensive or defensive abilities. Another small part is the main nodes, and they can enable you to acquire powerful passive skills and change your game experience in different ways. It is worth noting that you must first unlock all necessary secondary nodes to obtain the corresponding passive skills.

As exciting as the passive skill tree is the skill gem system. Your character itself does not have any spells or combat skills. This is one of the biggest differences between POE and the Diablo series. You must purchase or kill monsters directly from merchants to obtain gems with different skills.

These gems is slotted into pieces of apparatus and provides your character spells and skills to use in combat (unlike Diablo 3, they do not have any given abilities). Items will often have multiple gem slots, and sometimes they're linked together. If I put a capability like Orb of Storms into a slot so link it with Curse on Hit, Flammability and Vulnerability, when my Orb of Storms hits an enemy it'll also apply both of these curses to them. It's essentially a highly robust spell-crafting system.

But it's when skill gems and therefore the passive tree overlap that things get really exciting. My Necromancer relies solely on Scorching Ray to deal damage. Naturally, I've unlocked lots of nodes that increase fire damage, but some major nodes have these clever synergies that are really fun to unlock. Take Elemental Equilibrium for instance, which makes enemies I hit with elemental damage temporarily receive 25 percent resistance to those elements and -50 percent resistance to other elements.

How could that be useful to me? Well, when an enemy is hit by Orb of Storms, they become more proof against lightning damage but weaker to the fireside. And since Scorching Ray could be a damage over time ability, it doesn't actually "hit" an enemy, so I never risk making them more proof against fire accidentally. That's only one of a dozen small synergies my character has. I've never been much of a theory crafter, but seeing my build slowly close as I unlock more major nodes has been a rewarding experience.

Compared to the intense battles in Diablo III, Path of Exile's core battles are slower, and it's almost impossible for players to cause damage to the environment. But compared to rough animations and actions, players are the best reward for slowly shaping characters through research and learning. In order to customize your own unique character, you need to fully understand how each skill gem you carry works and link the appropriate support gem to it. Not only that, you also need to spend a lot of time killing enough monsters to find the weapons or armor in the loot that meets your needs. After this series of efforts, the character will be full of commemorative meaning, because every time you pay for it, you will get the due rewards, and you will eventually get a magic master or melee madman who can face the powerful bosses face to face. Fortunately, MMOAH's professional services can save you a lot of time in collecting equipment. Because they have a professional team to provide you with a variety of rare POE Trade Currency and POE Items, cheap and fast delivery. You only need to spend a small amount of money to get any POE Items you want. If you need this service, please visit MMOAH's official website and consult customer service.

Blizzard's Diablo series has always been an iconic work in the field of ARPG, and the studio released Diablo III a few years ago. Compared with the previous game, the Diablo III development team obviously spent a lot of energy to provide players with better visual effects. Not only that, players can also collect rare sets in the game, when you gather all the parts of a sets, some of your skills will be greatly enhanced.

However, this game mode results in few available options for players, and when players successfully collect the sets, it is difficult to improve again by other means. Simply put, when a player gets sets in Diablo III, it is also when he is ready to quit the game. From this perspective, its competitor Path of Exile is clearly doing better. Path of Exile was first released in 2013. Because its inspiration came from Diablo II, many players called the game the cloned Diablo.

You can play Path of Exile along with your friends. It is not an MMO, but it does allow players to satisfy in towns, party up so move into dungeons together. All parties get their own dungeons, and every one dungeon is randomly generated so you'll do them over and yet again with slight variation. It would bother some folks that you simply can't play it offline, but all characters and progress are stored on external servers, meaning you'll log into your Path of Exile account anywhere and keep grinding away along with your POE Currency character.

Combat is essentially the identical as in Diablo – which is to mention incredibly addicting yet simple – but special abilities are handled in a very completely different fashion. Whereas Diablo allowed you to provide your class-specific special powers by putting points into a skill tree, Path of Exile allows all characters to own any special abilities. The sole catch is that you simply must find those abilities. Abilities aren't earned from a tree, but are instead given to the player through gems. By placing a coloured gem into a correspondingly colored slot on a weapon or piece of kit, the player gains the power described on the gem. This ability then levels up with the player through killing monsters. So rather than the confinement of your typical class-specific powers, players are freed up to form their character truly as they see fit.

Leveling up still incorporates a purpose in Path of Exile. While it doesn't grant new abilities, it does give the player points to place in a very massive, branching skill tree. The tree allows every person to specialize their character, giving them things like additional skill with a selected weapon, extra magic abilities, or maybe more health. Additionally, each skill you get on the tree also gives you passive stat upgrades to your strength, stamina, dexterity and intelligence. Every class uses the identical skill tree, but gets a unique allocation to their core stats so as to undertake and push the player in a very specific direction. Yes, you'll essentially craft any character into the mix of specialties and talent gems that you simply like (although some combinations are better than others), but it also implies that the selection of which class you choose at the start has less weight. It's still an Alpha build at this time, and it didn't bother me all that much, but I can see more traditional RPG players having a tough time with the shortage of utmost class differentiation.

Path of Exile's unique skill gem and passive skill tree system are not easy to be accepted. Some players find these mechanisms very interesting, while others think that too complicated skill systems affect the game experience. But the unique economic system in POE makes all users satisfied. Unlike many popular games, the currency in the game is not the usual Gold or Coins. You need to use POE Currency to trade with other players in the game or purchase the POE Items you need in the in-game store. POE Chaos Orb comes from the loot that players get after killing monsters. You can also sell various useless POE Items to merchants in exchange for different POE Currency. In general, the more time you spend in the game, the more wealth you can accumulate. But in fact you have other ways to get POE Currency, I recommend you to buy them on MMOAH's official website. MMOAH has a professional team, responsible customer service and fast delivery speed.

If you started playing online games in 2005 or even earlier, you must have heard the most famous joke in the history of World of Warcraft or even the history of PC games, that is the story of Leeroy Jenkins and his teammates in Upper Black Rock Spire's collective death. In 2005, this video received amazing views. Some books and TV shows have cited this classic meme, and even Blizzard has designed a related task in the game to Buy WOW Classic Gold commemorate this interesting story. Leeroy Jenkins can be called the first viral video in game history, because it spreads like a virus like crazy. If you have only recently come into contact with World of Warcraft and was very curious about the origin of this iconic meme, you can continue to read this article for more information. By the way, this video has been born for 15 years, but it still makes many old World of Warcraft players relish.

If you haven't seen the first video, it's still available on Warcraftmovies official site where it absolutely was first uploaded on May 11, 2005, and it's still even as funny because it was 15 years ago. Leeroy Jenkins is that the name of an individual's paladin who was apart of a raiding guild called Pals for Life. Within the video, Leeroy's teammates are debating how best to approach a difficult boss while Leeroy is AFK. When he returns, Leeroy doesn't expect his team—he jumps up and shouts "Let's do this!" and shouts his own name as a protracted battle cry as he charges into the fight alone. Startled by his sudden attack, Leeroy's guild scrambles to save lots of him and everybody dies. As his guild begins to chastise him, Leeroy responds "At least I have chicken."

Leeroy Jenkins was originally a humorous video recorded by these guild members for fun. They hope this video will attract more players to join their guild. But with the rapid spread of the video on the Internet, Leeroy Jenkins immediately became the most famous person in World of Warcraft, and many people believe that this really happened in the Upper Black Rock Spire. Every sentence that Leeroy Jenkins said in the video has become one of the classic memes, from "I'm coming up with 32.33, uh, repeating of course, percentage of survival" to Leeroy's dejected "It's not my fault"

Three years ago, Ben Schulz, the player who played Leeroy Jenkins, told the truth on social networking sites. In fact, the story described in the video is not true, all actions are intentional, and the purpose is to make the video more interesting and attractive. Nevertheless, players and Blizzard still regard Leeroy as one of the symbols of World of Warcraft. If you complete certain quest in the game's Upper Black Rock Spire, you can earn the Leeroy Jenkins title, and Blizzard added a card called Leeroy Jenkins to its card game Hearthstone, which has the effect of calling two young dragons. Recently, the official website of World of Warcraft released an advertisement celebrating the 15th anniversary of the smooth Vanilla WOW Gold operation of World of Warcraft, and Ben Schulz also appeared in the advertising video.

If you want to learn more about Leeroy Jenkins and Ben Schulz, MMOWTS can provide a comprehensive overview of how the video is produced and its legacy. Not only that, you can also buy cheap and safe WOW Classic Gold on the official website of MMOWTS through a variety of payment methods. MMOWTS is a trusted third-party game service provider.

According to news published on the official website of New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games, the well-known ARPG - Path of Exile is about to introduce the next new extension, called Legion. Path of Exile was first released on the PC platform in 2013. Players can see that it was inspired by Blizzard's Diablo series, but Path of Exile has its own advantages compared to Diablo. First of all, there are no auction houses and other functions in the game, but the unique POE Currency system allows players to Buy POE Currency obtain all the resources they need through transactions. In addition, there are many different levels in the game and its complicated passive skill tree, and even hundreds of different skill gems, allowing players to achieve complete character customization. More importantly, Grinding Gear Games attaches great importance to after-sales service, players usually experience new developments and new challenge leagues every few months. Continue reading this article, you will learn more about POE: Legion.

Kill as many enemies as possible in a limited time

The latest challenge league is called Legion, because the enemy the player will face is the legendary 5 ancient legions, they were once the most powerful military force on the Wraeclast continent.

If you want to fight them, you must first find randomly scattered Timeless Monoliths on the map. After successfully activating this device with a black boulder appearance, you will randomly encounter one of the 5 legions. It is worth noting that these monsters are frozen. You must unblock more monsters in a limited time to enter the real battle after the countdown. Some elite monsters will have conspicuous icons above their heads, indicating that you can get specific item rewards after defeating him, and fighting elite monsters can get you higher benefits.

Aside from the usual item drops, monsters from the Timeless Monoliths will also yield Splinters. By combining them, an emblem of the legion they belong to will be formed. Combiningtwo or more different legion emblems together will grant you entry to the Domain of Timeless Conflict . Once you finally unlock the upgraded Map Device, you can finally fight in the league's main event.

Melee system was overhauled

For players who are keen on melee combat, what excites them is not the new POE Currency and POE Items introduced in Legion, but the specifically improved melee combat system. Prior to this, players have repeatedly reported related issues in the POE official community. They believe that the original melee system in the game lacks flexibility and a sense of strike.

To this end, the development team spent a lot of time and effort to make some improvements to the game, some of which will even affect all classes in the game. Now, all classes can obtain their own displacement skills at low levels, allowing players to become more flexible. In addition, some meaningless attack animations have been canceled, allowing players to focus more on the damage caused by melee attacks. Player's melee attacks will now cause damage to multiple nearby POE Trade enemies at the same time, which makes those who use melee combat classes as attractive as those who use AOE skills.

There is no doubt that the Legion expansion fully meets the needs of various players, even if it becomes one of the most popular expansions in the history of POE.

Path of Exile: Legion will be hitting the game on June 7 this year. Hopefully, by then you'd be ready, and everything will help you out in planning ahead. After all, it's tough being up against legions, so it's a must that you be prepared! Visit MMOAH official site and buy enough stock of POE Currency!

Path of Exile is one of the most well-known ARPGs in the world, and it is also a free game. This means that you only need to spend a little time to register an account on the official website of POE before you can enter the game without paying extra. In fact, before officially entering the game and creating your character, you still need to make a choice-choose the one that suits you best in three different leagues. If you don't know anything about this, don't worry. Continue reading this guide, you will understand the main differences between these leagues.

Standard League

When you enter the selection interface, your default server is the ordinary standard league. This is the most original and pure Path of Exile game experience. The league has been in the game since the POE was released, and you can choose among three types of standard leagues. The default common standard league is very difficult, and POE Currency beginners can learn and master basic game skills. Monsters in this league will not have any modifiers. Even if you encounter elite monsters or bosses, you have enough time to escape to a safe place or return to the hub town before being killed. If you are an introvert and don't want to be harassed by other players during the adventure, you can choose the Solo Self-Found standard league, which can provide you with a single player experience, but you will also not be able to trade or form Team, you must rely on all the resources you need to live.

If you are an adventurous player and want to challenge more difficult players, POE also prepares a suitable server for you, which is Hardcore Standard League, which players usually call HC. Players can get better loot, but they will also face more difficult challenges. Once your character dies in HC, you will not lose anything. Your character, equipment, skill gems and legendary items will be retained, but the character will be transferred directly from HC to the ordinary standard league. HC forces players to survive as much as possible in stimulating battles and make full use of all resources for self-improvement. This is why the POE Currency and POE Items in HC are more valuable, because they are likely to save you from life danger and keep alive.


Challenge League

The Challenge League usually appears after the new expansion is released, and will only last for a few months. The most attractive part of the challenge league is that players can get unique loot, including the new POE Currency, POE Items and rare legendary items. Players can never find them in the standard league loot. The number of players challenging the league accounts for the vast majority of POE users. If you are a new player and like a lively game atmosphere, then I suggest you also choose to challenge the league. Don't worry about death, your character's death in the challenge league will not cause the game to fail, you will only lose part of the current EXP and you can continue to play in the challenge league. But your role will eventually be transferred to the standard league when the league ends.

After a period of waiting, POE will provide a new challenge league. Players usually continue to create new characters in order to try other POE Items classes or POE Builds, and collect newly introduced unique items. This process is not boring, modifiers and various new features will make every challenge to the league fun.

Private League

Players need to pay a certain fee to use the league. Its main function is to provide you and your friends with a dedicated private server to avoid disturbing others. You can extend the league time or increase the number of leagues by paying more. The default Private League can be used by up to 10 players freely, and the private server supports both standard leagues and challenge leagues.

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