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Good Mar 21
The strong elder brother's cigarette butt dropped:"Absolute being, just go in to come out right away for a hour, elder brother Bing, you really not Kui is a wait one big Ye." Liao learns a soldier Dan Dan the dust on the clothes, the Duo leads the iron gate key in the bureau chief hand, again from the somebody Gu toward taking a pack of smoke to see in the pocket of the sun don't see as well direct Chuai enter he or she pocket inside:"Take first my this a few nephews has a check in health center, treatment for a while, settle down well again.Still have, most important of, grasp to catch their person on Friday afternoon, person present, arrange them to enter to weigh the person of criminal offender's jail, all search out, a can not leak, either.You walk first one step, I the heel ash dress Zi discuss heart." "?You still have this a free mind, seldom rare, know me to always admire tightly to your elegant thoughts and feelings Ozzie Albies Jersey." A group of people turns round to leave, the Gu dynasty sun silently says to the bureau chief:"Waited Liao to learn soldier at in regardless kill several individuals, must destroy the evidence, in case break down you my officer's voice." Bureau chief a surprised:"Kill a person?"Come into nostrils while just opening the door of bloody have already made people very comfortable, luckily isn't old Liao to take a beating.The unwillingness can accept. The Gu dynasty sun no longer talks, heart way:"See a little soldier that kind of a look in the eyes, I know that he has to be homicidal." 208 jail friends hear the Mao Lang voice in the subway door and raise head and look, the new eldest brother incredibly came back again, his bottle gourd sold of what medicine?Serve prison term to be tour to spend a holiday?The somebody else has a gun to have a cellular phone to contain fist and also has long backstage like that, who dare compare with this kind of talented person? Most key is he first, take that several students who make a matter.This puts clear isn't the person who squats down a jail, still come back to do what at present? The face of donkey face man is been divided into two halfs, strong from endurance painful, heart way if clap Ma Pi of this guy, by the way take oneself to go out also probably, don't wait old Liao to deliver words short cut:"Eldest brother, if need, I can make to several naked pictures next week." Live to say in the lifeless jail.The female naked picture is indeed an extremely valuable luxury goods, have no woman and don't like the man's circumstance, the naked picture then became the thing of solace, absolutely the daughter is difficult to beg, rich also fail in getting. However the donkey face man forgot Liao to learn a soldier again isn't the person who squats down a jail, can go out at any time, does this sub- trifle of Lao Shi do very?The thing owned by besides old Liao is compared with the naked picture of one Zhang San class film star to say, Gao too many file time, speaking will frighten to death this to help prisoner. "Now can definitely tell you, I ground the student has already left." Donkey face the man is past to do a surprise of way:"BE?Congratulate.This news lets everybody an excitement concussion, eldest brother, you are omnipotent, the brightness can compare sun and moon, and the whole stone snake custody centers will bathe under your shining glory.Can together is the honor of biggest my this present life in a prison building with you, from now on I before the saddle horse after, always with eldest brother nearby, steadfast unto death Max Fried Jersey." Like a superior who flatters, if early be born for several a hundred years and fall in the emperor nearby, is also the disloyal minister of a power Qing government and people at least.This person in the prison replaces one tyranny with another, only the benefit is a diagram, , stop at nothing, the deceit is soft afraid hard.The situation that is thoroughly good enough to develop the darkest side of the human nature to arrive. "All of the still complete person sits properly."Old Liao looks around this guy that helps one belly bad water, light descend order. Li Bao Kang's personnel didn't save, life and death don't Bu;Two ground knees break, the cheeks toothbrush faints towards wearing, already pain;There is still one lying at icy cold of the ground a long time can not get up from lying position.Leave six people, all the honesty sits at under spread of bedside.The spine is straight, the hands place on the knee, is a primary school to living to have a class also and have no so hard. Liao learns the soldier throws a smoke for their one person, the knife Ba face sees thus good goods, and then wants to keep illegally etc. to slowly enjoy in the days to come and see the lighter that everyone pick up old Liao to pass spark and be fond of to inebriate ground to absorb, having to the meat is in the painful matchless location.