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Good Mar 23
The younger brother of south is satisfied and uncommon, seem oneself to develop son into world class huge Jiang of master to so satisfy in person, say with smile:"Do not urgently, and listen to me 11 ……" That world noon Chiu's benefit got a few moneys that isn't satisfied to beat, finally do spend penny in a shop in got hold of two packs of smokes.Return to a home in the evening, the parents are naturally more astonished than his bluish swelling on skin eye socket, but this matter how can easily export, cheat the stray dog of speaking the hand salvage wretchedness drive maltreat an animal personage to that beat, suffer beating of the matter say very in detail, Chiu is big strange to see isn't casually and then can draw up ground, again small and soft the inquiry could not ask as well what title, have to to forget about it. The Chiu benefit by all manners wants to avert from the uncle who appears without basis on the second day, don't dare to get to the Internet again, the darling is foolish to have a class in the classroom.Didn't expect because robbed a girl friend ground old matter before, drive a school overlord blocked up at the door, ten several individual round and round surround, saw integrity in old age not to protect, isn't remnants namely harm of situation, south the younger brother incredibly took 23 under charges and came, literally several boxings several feet helped the bludger that to break up, the Chiu benefit face soars and have a class in the afternoon who don't dare to see his one more eye as well, even the eldest brother in the class also sends greetings to on one's own initiative, very polite, baloney horse said one Luo basket, aware of self to had so be the uncle of eldest brother seem to be also quite good Hank Aaron Jersey. When the south younger brother made him drink in the evening, the hesitant half second then promised, the place of that thing desire crosscurrent in the bar can can not compare with a school so pure.Severals beautifully assist at wine parties younger sister's son to sit beside, beginning is pretty much still rules, but the belly in several cup wine, brains disorder, feel these a younger sister a son beauty enthusiasm, the girl in the ratio class can not mention in the same breath, most important of BE, no longer inaccessible.When that gorgeous girl starts to pull his hand to press on own chest on one's own initiative, Chiu's benefit has already discovered that the sky isn't that day either, the ground wasn't that ground any more. In addition to forbid at the younger brother of south under can not play a computer again, enjoy extoling of many ex- eldest brotherses in school in the daytime, in the evening and south the younger brother Be natural and unrestrained to live to the bar, thus wonderful life, beg also and beg not at ordinary times, first, but go to under, to south the younger brother completely trust, very anxious to call his father. In order to no longer loitering a net cafe, result's pouring is a straight line ascension, Chiu is big strange to see in the eye, pleased in the at heart, to he evening night not marriage is guide teacher's house to take lessons homework of lend message 90% nine. Till this time, the south younger brother lets Chiu's benefit eastwards, he lets him catches a dog in no case and westwards, he in no case Nian chicken.This background is mysterious, dyed a full head silver hair, claim to be oneself's uncle's young man, is already the existence of the idol class in his in the mind, also have never dared once lifted to the father. Liao learns soldier to say in the telephone:"The younger brother of the south, you listen to and wait for a second to let the Chiu's benefit make a phone call for his father, concretely say what contents I notify you again."Want the vulgar practice of the abrogation"star every Monday", have to put forward on the form master meeting, acquire the approval of board of directors half above board directors, but Chiu Be big strange to necessarily is that the resistance being difficult to tie up one only takes preventive measures, so as to achieve success. The teachers also don't know to close Mu cloud three news that are thrown into prison, Xu Li Gan of is an illegal plot, certainly can't notify other irrelevant people etc., luckily is so, otherwise be again been big strange to go fetch the reason of considering as the attack and lend by Chiu Freddie Freeman Jersey. If Liao learns a soldier to is still to sit at not eye-catcher by the wall in the corner, flank is a Feng, so, can read aloud the boring time of report at the representative director of board of directors, 2 people can be carefree to pull some topics of hair time. Is still the summary of each student's circumstance last week, Liao's learning a soldier be had a roll call to criticize some times, asked for leave for a month, student as if come out of small bird, the nobody controled and indulged confusion situation, nobody not lateness left early a truancy, can in insisting their class in addition to deaf person fool, the teacher of integrity stanza is absolutely rated as miracle.