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Good Mar 23
Allow iron the wood know old Liao has a little backstage and repeatedly beat expression of eyes to is being board director member of report, but the other party says just excitedly and turns a blind eye. Is contrary, the Feng is subjected to many give public recognition, the key is the art that student, Li Xing Hua, on his class acquires very tall honor of representative big match gold sunflower prize, educate a bureau chief to still make a special trip to deliver to congratulatory cable and encourage letter, they promote this kind of spirit that develops student's interest to love, is a form master, share in reflected glory a lot naturally. Liao learns a soldier to think of Li Xing Hua and secretly shakes, this girl at the same time and have mature the sexy and pure beauty is really an angel and the mixture of devil, only use to think of can let people the fan inebriate endlessly, unfortunately that evening have no the courage start.Old Liao is pure to is the guy with color heart to have no color Dan in this aspect of love, at the same time still have the man's common failing-sexual appetite is bigger than sensual desire, see a beautiful girl usually all take care of not to live his/her own heart Dansby Swanson Jersey. Smoke a matter to finish reading a smelly and long report, say:"Below have who have intention to see of, if have no of the words ask a board director to announce to talk for a while ……" Liao learns the document draft that the soldier sees iron Lin Shou Li thicker than Kangxi's dictionary, don't know and make reference to what year He Yue, hurriedly stood, interrupted that board director:"Wait for a second, I want to say words." That board director saw a term iron wood and allowed iron Lin Dian nod to mean it's inattentive, hence then say:"What opinion does teacher Liao have?" Liao learns a soldier to took a look 17 form masters and all levels leadership in the school, the pure throat says:"In fact, just a small matter, I feel to rescind every Monday astral system, don't know what viewpoint everyone has." Chiu is big strange don't need others to declare, body first private soldier, in front call a way:"Every Monday how may the star rescind?Teacher Liao.Did your brain burn to break down?Have been being emphasizing discipline, discipline!Have no rules is not enough become square circle, that helps a student really too obstinate and stupid, don't control of the words will exaggerate more, you saw that every Monday of last week a star, how does he wear?Incredibly the Chuo explodes my car tire!Is absolutely uncultivated!You think to allow these students to write self-criticism book acknowledgement can the mistake change into a good person?Have to there is a kind of scathing place method not, letting them knowing to make mistake will be subjected to punishment.Otherwise hereafter arrived a society to violate law can isn't every Monday star so simple, squat down jail of!" All the teachers Han head calls BE, particularly several audit of don't belong to the term of form master teacher Ke, speak of 2 classes for two years, all is a gnash teeth in hatred, hate an ability not to dismiss this class, all of the student dismiss, the form master directly dismisses to settle a dispute.-If can beat mercilessly Liao first to learn a soldier before dismissing.That will be the best choice. Old Liao thoughts of first on the meeting of certainly take a person by reason, but don't take a person by fist, at that moment tiny tiny on smiling, say:"Chiu's director speaks this kind of words, is explaining he to the not understanding of the student, to controling of student education the establishment is wishful in he or she's ground on.The beard knows that the thing is in the world very necessarily anti- truth, where has oppression, where then have been already resisted, the school isn't a jail concentration camp, a little bit more important.Now is a legal system society that pays attention to human rights." Chiu big strange Nu way:"That how again?Stateowned national laws, there is school rules in the school, come to school to study and then have to obey the stand rule of school and have no these frame the frame control them, early become Iraq indiscriminately Chipper Jones Jersey." "Certainly.What you said is Right-o, but I request unless of isn't discipline in the school, but every Monday star.I ask you, has the star already written into Ji's school rules in the school every Monday?" "Certainly had no, this was used for dealing with those most obstinate and stupid student's grounds.If they learn like, the root can't be used up."