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Attractive Features (LiCheng Hot Air Stenter)

The Hot Air Stenter is mainly made up of a feeding device, a preheating zone, a high temperature setting zone, a cooling zone and a cloth discharging device. The feeding device is to make the fabric perpendicular to each other under a certain tension or a certain relaxed state including a tension frame, a weft detector, a suction device, an over-feed device, an automatic control device, edge-detector and so on, which can make it smoothly enter the machine.

Then, the fabric is heated to a certain temperature through the top hot zone to avoid the cold forming fabric directly entering the high temperature setting zone and affecting the setting temperature. The temperature of the preheating zone should be controlled at around 100 °C. The preheated fabric enters the high temperature setting zone (with steam heating and electric heating device) with the temperature controlled at 150 ° C ~ 230 ° C, so that the fabric is evenly heated for a certain time, after reaching the molding requirements, then enter the cooling zone to cool rapidly, and finally, the fabric is passed through the cloth roller and the cloth dropping frame.

The operation of the fabric in the machine is driven by clip chain or pin-plate or clip chain. A static eliminator should be installed at the fabric outlet, or a steam vent and a metal screen should be installed in front of the fabric roller to spray a proper amount of steam on the cloth surface to appropriately increase the moisture regain of the fabric in order to reduce the generation of static electricity.

Apart from hot air stenter, our printing machine also has a series of attractive features. First of all, the textile printing machine enjoys a large production capacity with a high printing speed under normal circumstances. In addition, the doctor blade is adopted to push the print paste through the design area of the screen onto the fabric. What’s more, our printing machine has a closed screen holder, and the rotary screen printing is driven by direct drive servo motors.

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